Tuesday, December 3, 2013


im•pact: the striking of one body against another; collision

impacto: the effect or impression of one thing on another

impactus: to have a direct effect or impact on

Impact. A word. An aftermath. An alteration. A lifestyle. A purpose. A challenge. A choice.

I was thinking about how people live their lives. How they get up, go through the day, get home, and think, "what did I do today?". I know not everyone is like this, but there are those of us who do live as such. Our lives are merely normal daily events strung together into a week, a month, a year, 27 years. And then at some point it ends. We cease to be a living being here on earth. We cease to be what we were. And then it hits me, "in my 27 years did it matter? Did I matter? Did I live on purpose choosing to live a life unwasted?". 

I don't know. I haven't finished yet. There is a fear within me though of living a life that was a waste. Where, when all is said and done, when people realize I have died, that they say to each other how much potentional I had and how I wasted it all. There is a fear that when I stand before my God that He won't say the words, "well done good and faithful servent." There is a fear that while I am living here I didn't make my life count. I didn't maximize my potentional. I wasted it all. I failed to be of any impact. 

I don't know how you approach life. I don't know how you feel at the end of the day. I don't know if any of it matters to you, whether your life being wasted matters or not. I am driven more than just by fear though. I want to leave an impression on others, not of myself, but of Jesus. There are those in my life who have made such a difference. I think about them, what they have done, how they have lived, how they have given up so much for others. I am so grateful for them. For my parents, for the leaders, for my friends, for my wife. I am thankful that they chose to live on purpose to help shift my life and the direction it could have gone. The direction it was going. I only pray that God gives me the strength and courage to live as such. To live an unwasted life. To live on purpose for a purpose. To have an impact.

Impact: Choosing to live on purpose with a purpose. 

Impact: choosing to leverage your life for a greater cause

Impact: an unwasted life

Impact: a choice

"Take the world, but give me Jesus; in His cross my trust shall be, till, with clearer, brighter, vision, face to face my Lord I see"
- Fanny Crosby 

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